Fossil, Oregon
Fossil, Oregon

Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Award 2021

We are proud to announce that we have received the Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice Award for 2021, placing us in the top 10% of hotels worldwide!

“Herding cattle through the lovely Butte Creek Valley on horseback is just one of the special activities that await you. This ranch-style bed and breakfast offers visitors a glimpse into true Western life complete with authentic ranch experiences.”

Seeing the U.S.A

“Through Brandy’s charm, sense of humor and curiosity, the audience will have the chance to learn something new about even the most familiar of destinations. Through her bold, adventurous spirit, we will be inspired to take an adventure ourselves. Through her compassion and sensitivity, we will see all the strands that make the USA worth seeing.”
-March 2019

Russell Is Off To Cowboy College

“Russell and his mum are off to cowboy college, where they will forget their city slicker ways and learn what it takes to become a real-life cowboy.”
-April 2019

Only In Your State

“This Oregon bed and breakfast is a working ranch that will offer you a true taste of western hospitality. Owned and operated by an authentic Oregon Trail family, this unique retreat promises an unforgettable getaway.”
-February 2019

Samantha Brown's Places To Love

“At Wilson Ranches Retreat Bed & Breakfast, the Oregon Trail isn’t just some computer game. It’s a way of life that you can still almost touch and taste—except this 9,000 acre working cattle and hay ranch offers indoor plumbing and you’re probably not going to die of dysentery.”

Travel Oregon

“An alarm goes off at 7:30 a.m. on my first day at Wilson Ranches Retreat. I’m admittedly not a morning person, but I make a good effort to leave my cocoon of blankets so that I can join everyone down at the breakfast table. The smell of sizzling bacon helps.”

Pit Stops For Kids

“The Wilson Family takes “Pioneer Hosipitality” very seriously; your kids will be hugged and they love to tell funny stories that bring about big belly laughs. The family has an incredible sense of humor that we all enjoyed. They are available to the guests at all times and do their very best to help in every way possible.”
-April 2018

Orégon, l’Ouest sauvage

Documentaire de 52 minutes en 4K, de votre série “Horizon”. Playhead: 4:40.
-April 2017

Easy Days In Eastern Oregon

“Wilson Ranch is set in a valley surrounded by golden hills. It feels like a secret, as does most of Eastern Oregon, but Kara is clear that locals don’t want to keep it to themselves. There’s enough room out here for everyone, she said.”
-September 2017

Paardrijden in Oost Oregon

“Verscholen in het prachtige berglandschap van Oost Oregon verwelkomt de Wilson familie je in hun ranch en Bed & Breakfast. Op een kronkelige weg, Oregon Scenic Byway, sla je vlak voor Fossil linksaf om bij Wilson Ranches Retreat aan te komen. Telefoon uit want er is geen GSM ontvangst, en relax modus aan; we gaan per paard de natuur van Oost Oregon verkennen.”
-August 2016

Cowgirl Escapes To Eastern Oregon

“For a more rustic experience, stay on a guest ranch, where you’ll get to ride horseback and round up cattle, fix fences, learn to cook like a cowgirl and be rewarded with unmatched stargazing at night.”
-May 2016

Activity: Wilson Ranches Retreat

“The Wilson Ranches Retreat B&B is a really special place. We made our way 3-hours east of Portland for Mother’s Day weekend in 2014, which I have told anyone who has been within ear-shot, was the best Mother’s Day I have ever had! That is in large part to the Wilson Ranches Retreat and the family! It is an authentic, family owned, working ranch in Eastern Oregon.”
-May 2016

Journey Back in Time in Eastern Oregon

“To the east, beyond Mount Hood, the vastness of Oregon’s geography unfolds. First, golden fields and turbid, salmon-filled rivers. Next, rocky desert canyons and ancient fossil beds. And finally, a snowcapped mountain wilderness larger than Delaware. Pack that car and head east on a classic Oregon odyssey.”
-February 2016

Earning Your Boots in Eastern Oregon

“Phil’s ranch B&B, the Wilson Ranches Retreat, fills a meandering valley between grassy hills with views of Mount Hood and Mount Adams. You can ride along too, but be prepared to work. This is not a dude ranch built for sightseers. It’s a ranch for raising cows.”
-November 2017

At Wilson Ranches Retreat outside Fossil, guests connect with a working Oregon ranch

“Ranchers who live two miles outside Fossil, like the Wilsons, often don’t bother to lock their doors. That assumed hospitality means friends bring friends to look around the ranch. Since the B&B was opened 28,000 guests have since paid to stay overnight.”
-May 2013

The Wild is Calling

“In Fossil, Wilson Ranches Retreat, the only B&B on a working ranch in eastern Oregon, quarters guests in a 1910 Sears Roebuck kit house and invites them to help move the cattle herd on horseback. Breakfast is family-style around a table that seats 18, with ranch boss Phil Wilson (equal parts Eastwood, Redford, and Jack Palance) at the head.”
-July 2012

Group Horseback Riding